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Most of the pieces of information below were taken from : * fanzine Légume du jour (#4 and special issue Les Thugs) * fanzine Rock Hardi (#18, IFC#9/10) * fanzine Combo (#3) * fanzine Nineteen (#19, #24 and #25) * fanzine Sans Mobile Apparent (#3) * fanzine Abus Dangereux (#34, #V) * fanzine Violence (#3) * fanzine Feel it (#4) * fanzine OAF * Sub Pop discography made by Rob Vaughn * Sub Pop WWW site for the pictures of the items issued by Sub Pop * e-zine F440 Thanks to everyone who helped me and more specifically to : Pierre-Yves, Eric, Thierry, Christophe, Doudou, Dave Rosencrans, Max "LDJ" Well, Fabrice (Rock Hardi), DavDuf, OAF, Miguel Afonso, Jean-Baptiste Quentin, la Fanzinothèque, Juan "El Onanista", Gwendal Tanguy, Yann F440, GVI, Radical Prod, Arno (Labels), Matt (Subpop), Silvère, Dominique Bellec. Special Extra Thanks to Bernt Rostad for hosting me on his WWW page and more simply because he's cool !

Who are Les Thugs ? The Sourice brothers Eric and Christophe started in a small band called IVG : punk with French lyrics like "Travail famille patrie" (motto of the Vichy state). Les Thugs started in April '83 with five members among which a lead singer Philippe Brix as in the previous band Stress. Rapidly, the band had four musicians (June '83) : the singer and guitarist Eric, the other guitarist Thierry Meanard, the bassist Gerald Chabaud and the drummer Christophe. Pierre-Yves, the third Sourice brother, replaced Gerald after his decision to stop after the 88 tour in Sardinia. Guitar / Vocals : Eric Sourice Guitar : Thierry Meanard Drums : Christophe Sourice Bass : Gerald Chabaud (83 - June 88 last concert in lac de maine) Pierre-Yves Sourice (since June 88 first concert in Grenoble)
On the contrary to what English-speaking people tend to think, Les Thugs (not The Thugs) aren't basic hooligans. They are the worshippers of Kali, wife of Siva goddess of death, violence, vengeance, and the annihilation of the creation (she is ugly, has four or six hands, and drinks the blood of her victims, surrounded by skulls). The Thugs are a sect since the 12th century in India. They practice ritual murder by strangulation with a silk scarf (to avoid blood). As they have to assassinate for the money, their victims are rich. They were part of the Indian society and paid taxes. The English caught around 1500 of them in 1835. Gerald found the name in a Mickey comic book with Huey, Dewey, and Louie telling "we'll go to see the Thugs". Review of Les Thugs releases

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