• Frenetic Dancing - test pressing Gougnaf Mouvement - December 1984
  • Night Dance / Femme Fatale / You say why ? / Mad Train Recorded by Godefroy de Maupeou at Juvisy sur Orge in November 1984 during 5 days. These four tracks should have been the second Gougnaf Mouvement issue but weren't due to vinyl pressing problems. More than 30 7" were given to the band's friends to avoid collector's greed among the forty-three existing. Mad Train should have been part of Best of Vol.2 from Ozagen Rds. You say why has been issued by the english label Criminal Damage on the compilation "Raw cuts" vol. 1.

    Fifty pieces were re-issued in January, the 30th 1989.
    Max Well's copy (on the below)

  • Frenetic Dancing - Gougnaf Mouvement GM005 - January 1985
  • Night Dance / Femme Fatale The final version of the previous 7". Recorded by Godefroy de Maupeou at Juvisy sur Orge in November 1984. Hundred copies were given with the fanzine Comme un boomerang #3 in December 1986 Some sleeves of the previous test-pressing were used as promo items. 1000 copies for the first pressing. Femme Fatale, written by Eric has nothing to do with the Velvet Underground song. MRR : Great rocked-out pop-punk. Very straightforward, driving, fuzzed-out R'n'R ... catchy and powerful. B-side is not the Velvet Underground song. Sounds : First single from this French four piece who have no volume controls on their equipment. Loud and louder depending on their mood. Played at speed and trashing straight to your heart. Nineteen #14 (Feb. 85) : The sleeve is black, poor, wonderful. A proud photo on the verso. And the record, compact full, saturated, incandescent, loud, loud, loud. Two real great songs. Rock and roll at the native state. Wild. Lyres, Nomads, Sonics, Australians, make place, and hat in hand ! Never a 7" made me such a strong impression since the first Feelgood (ten years exactly !). I would be almost scared to See Les Thugs on stage. Scared to be disappointed. Scared that they would not be at the same level as these two great faces.

  • Never Get Older - Closer CL0761 - March 1986
  • Never Get Older / Sunday Time Never Get Older is taken from Radical Hystery. Sunday Time was recorded during the same studio session.

  • Frenetic Dancing - Gougnaf Mouvement GM005 - 1989
  • Night Dance / Femme Fatale Re-release of the first Les Thugs single. Distributed by New Rose. Test pressing on the right.

  • Something's Gonna Wrong Again - Fanzine Rock Hardi #18 RH005 - September 1988
  • Live cover of the Buzzcocks recorded during the "Rock au maximum" festival in Clermont Ferrand 20 May 1988 - 800 items issued with the #18 of Rock Hardi (from the 27th of October on, due to a delay).

  • Something's Gonna Wrong Again - Fanzine Rock Hardi Int. Fun Club #9/10 RH06 - October 1989
  • Same version as above - first 200 copies of the zine were sold with the flexi Special issue of the zine for the '89 Les Thugs tour in the USA

  • Something's Gonna Wrong Again - Vinyl Solution Decoy Fart 3 - 1989
  • Split EP promo with Hard-Ons / MC4 / Bomb Disneyland (same version as above) A thousand copies was given away at the Astoria, London the 10th of June 1989

  • Chess And Crimes - Sub Pop Singles Club 029 - February 1989
  • Chess and crimes / Sunday time 1500 singles were issued On the contrary to what Sub Pop wrote on the sleeve and on the vinyl, this 7" was not recorded in France, but in London at the Redwood Studios. Chess and crimes is taken from Electric Troubles Sunday Time was re-recorded during the Dirty White Race studio sessions
    Sub Pop Singles club : list of the issues

  • Falling Apart - Black&Noir Singles club BNS04 - 1990
  • Split EP with Uptown Bones Recorded at Amco studio, Feneu, near Angers.
    Black & Noir Singles club : list of the issues

  • Sunday Time - La Bande A'Bonnot BB01 - 1992
  • Split EP with Sale Défaite Edition on green and violet vinyl - Taken from Radical Hystery

  • As Happy As Possible - Sub Pop 237 - 1993
  • As Happy As / August Taken from As Happy As Possible

  • I was dreaming - Labels - mini CD promo - November 1997
  • I was dreaming / Les lendemains qui chantent Taken from Nineteen Something. Recorded at the Black Box studio (of Iain Burgess) at Noyant la Gravoyere (near Angers) in June 1997. Production Kurt Bloch. Mastered at the Exchange (London) by Mandy Parnell.

  • New Centurions - Frenetic Dancing - FD002 - April 1998
  • Split single with Salaryman : Les Thugs cover "New Centurions" by Salaryman and Salaryman "Biking" by Les Thugs. 1500 copies issued.

  • EP 4 tracks - Labels - mini CD promo - September 1999
  • Le Hamac / Gone / Nineteen Something / And he kept on whisling Le Hamac and Gone recorded and mixed by Tech assisted by Yann Madec at the Black Box studio in march 99. Nineteen Something recorded and mixed by Kurt Bloch at the Black Box studio in june 97 (unreleased track from the Nineteen Something album sessions). And he kept on whistling recorded and mixed by Steve Whitfield in january 91 at "the live house" Launceston, England (different mix from the one of the album IABF).

  • CD 2 tracks - On A Faim - OAF!D035 - October 2000
  • Strike / Dreamer Live in Angers, February 1996. Issued with the fanzine On@Faim! special #9/10.

  • CD 6 tracks - Crash Disques - Crash CDP 57 - January 2004
  • Papapapa / Moon Over Marin / Stop The War / Dead Dreams / Femme Fatale / I Love You So. Promo item issued by Crash for the 2CD compilation "Road Closed".

  • 45T - Pitshark - RIK025 - 2011
  • Birds Of Ill Omen / Motörhead
    200 items on white vinyl and 300 on black vinyl. Birds Of Ill Omen : recorded during the No-Reform tour in 2008 at la Maroquinerie. Motörhead : recorded live in Berne, january 1990.

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