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SP023 - Nirvana "Love Buzz / Big Cheese" Singles Club Nov. 88, edition of 1000

Songs: Love Buzz intro / Love Buzz b/w Big Cheese Released as 1st Sub Pop Single's Club single. All copies were hand-numbered, coming w/ a sticker

SP026 - Sonic Youth "Touch Me I'm Sick" b/w Mudhoney "Halloween" Singles Club Dec. 88, edition of 3000, 45 & 33 rpm.

500 are on clear vinyl.

SP028 - Flaming Lips "Drug Machine" Singles Club Jan. 1989, edition of 1500.

Songs: Drug Machine b/w Strychnine & Peace, Love, and Understanding

SP029 - Les Thugs "Chess and Crimes / Sunday Time" Singles Club Fev. 1989, edition of 1500.

Different version of Sunday Time from the first 7"

SP030 - Helios Creed "Nothing Wrong b/w The Sky" Singles Club Mar. 1989, edition of 1500.

SP032 - Afghan Whigs "I Am The Sticks b/w White Trash Party" Singles Club Apr. 1989, edition of 1500.

Recorded in Jan. 89

SP035 - Mad Daddys "Alligator Wine" Singles Club May 1989, edition of 1500.

Songs: Take Me Back To Woodstock b/w Alligator Wine The catalogue number is incorrectly printed on the label as SP31 and incorrectly scribed in the lead-out as SP34

SP037 - Tad / Pussy Galore "Damaged" Singles Club Jun. 1989, edition of 2500.

Songs: Tad "Damaged I" b/w Pussy Galore "Damaged II" The Tad cut was recorded by Jack Endino at Reciprocal studio, Seattle.

SP039 - Das Damen "Sad Mile b/w Making Time" Singles Club Jul. 1989, edition of 1500.

SP040 - Rapeman "Inki's Butt Crack b/w Song Number One" Singles Club Aug. 1989, edition of 2500.

1,000 copies were issued on clear vinyl

SP043 - Lazy Cowgirls "Loretta b/w Hybrid Moments" Singles Club Sep. 1989, edition of 2000.

SP046 - Lonely Moans "Shoot The Cool b/w Texas Love Goat" Singles Club Oct. 1989, edition of 2000.

1200 copies were issued on red vinyl.

SP050 - Dwarves "She's Dead b/w Fuckhead" Singles Club Feb. 1990, edition of 3000.

1500 copies were issued on white vinyl.

SP051 - Honeymoon Killers "Get It Hot b/w Gettin' Hot" Singles Club Nov. 1989, edition of 2000.

First 1200 copies were issued on red vinyl.

SP052 - Fugazi "Song #1 b/w Joe #1, Break In" Singles Club Dec. 1989, handprinted edition of 2000.

First 1200 copies were issued on green vinyl.

SP053 - Big Chief "Chrome Helmet b/w Blowout Kit" Singles Club Mar. 1990, edition of 3000.

First 1500 copies were issued on white vinyl

SP058 - L7 "Shove b/w Packin' A Rod" Singles Club Jan. 1990, edition of 3000.

1200 copies on green vinyl. Also released on Glitterhouse as "Shove" b/w"Fast" (SP1/105).

SP065 - Lubricated Goat "Meating My Head b/w 20th Century Rake" Singles Club Apr. 1990, edition of 3500 on clear yellow vinyl.

2000 copies on gold vinyl

SP066 - Babes in Toyland "House b/w Arriba" Singles Club May 1990, edition of 3500 on clear yellow vinyl.

2000 copies on gold vinyl

SP071 - Thee Headcoats "Time Will Tell b/w Davey Crockett (Gabba-Hay!)" Singles Club Jun. 1990, edition of 4000.

First 2000 copies on blue vinyl

SP072 - Rollins Band "I Know You b/w Earache My Eye" Singles Club Jul. 1990, edition of 4000.

First 2000 on pink vinyl.

SP075 - Sister Ray "The King b/w Push Me" Singles Club Aug. 1990, edition of 4000.

First 2500 copies on yellow vinyl

SP076 - Unsane "Vandal-X b/w Streetsweeper" Singles Club Sep. 1990, edition of 4000.

First 2500 copies on green vinyl

SP083 - Soundgarden "Room A Thousand Years Wide b/w H.I.V. Baby" Singles Club Bonus Sep. 1990, edition of 5000.

The first 1500 was pressed on grape vinyl.

SP086 - Poison Idea "Taken By Surprise b/w We Got The Beat" Singles Club Nov. 1990, edition of 4500 on creamy green vinyl.

SP088 - Poster Children "Thinner, Stronger b/w Pointed Stick" Singles Club Oct. 1990, edition of 4500 on red marbled vinyl.

SP096 - The Reverend Horton Heat "Psychobilly Freakout b/w Baby You-Know-Who" Singles Club Dec. 1990, edition of 6500 on blue w/ws vinyl.

SP097 - The Fluid "Candy" /Nirvana "Molly's Lips" live 7" Singles Club Jan. 1991, edition of 7500.

"Molly's Lips" is a Vasolene's cover recorded live at Pine Street Theater in Portland Spring 1990 4000 copies on green vinyl.

SP102 - Velvet Monkeys "Rock The Nation b/w Why Don't We Do It In The Road?" Singles Club Feb. 1991, edition of 7000.

4000 copies on clear vinyl.

SP103 - Unrest "A Factory Record" 7" Singles Club Mar. 1991, edition of 7000.

Songs: Deaf / Sex Machine b/w Efo / When It All Comes Down All four songs are covers from lesser-known releases on the Factory label. "Deaf" is by Crispy Ambulance, "UFO" is by ESG, "Sex Machine" is by Crawling Chaos and "When It All Comes Down" is by Miaow. "EFO" is actually entitled "UFO" on the original record. Since the song is instrumental, there is no way to tell which is correct. 4000 copies on lilac (marbled violet) vinyl.

SP108 - Shonen Knife "Neon Zebra b/w Bear Up Bison (live)" Singles Club Apr. 1991, edition of 5000 on grey vinyl.

Made in Germany

SP109 - Urge Overkill "Now That's The Barclords" 7" Singles Club May 1991, edition of 5000 on clear yellow vinyl.

Songs: Now That's The Barclords b/w What's This Generation Coming To? Made in Germany

SP115 - Come "Car b/w Last Mistake" Singles Club Aug. 1991, edition of 4500 on gray vinyl.

SP119 - Gorilla "Detox Man b/w Sober" Singles Club Sep. 1991, edition of 4500 on grey w/ws vinyl.

SP121 - Various "Alice Cooper Covers" 2x7" Singles Club June / July 1991, edition of 5500 on boring black vinyl.

Songs: These Immortal Souls - "Luney Tune", gumball - "Under My Wheels", Sonic Youth - "Is It My Body", Laughing Hyenas - "Public Animal #9" Some copies were issued on blue-gray vinyl

SP134 - Gories "Give Me Some Money b/w You Don't Love Me" Singles Club Oct. 1991, edition of 4500 on clear red vinyl.

SP135 - Love Battery "Foot (alt.) b/w Mr. Soul" Singles Club Nov. 1991, edition of 4500 on green w/ws vinyl.

SP136 - Green Magnet School "Singed / Slipper" Singles Club Dec. 1991, edition of 4000 on clear gold vinyl.

SP137 - Tsunami "Left behind" / Velocity Girl "Warm / Crawl" split 7" Singles Club Jan. 1992, edition of 4000 on strawberry red vinyl.

SP140 - Various "Smells Like Smoked Sausage" 2x7" Singles Club Feb / March 1992, edition of 5500.

Songs: Tar - "Deep Throw", Cows - "My Girl", Vertigo - "Dynamite Cigar", Helios Creed - "Hideous Greed", Helmet - "Oven", Surgery - "Our Demise", Boss Hog - "Fire of Love", God Bullies - "Bullet" All bands are from the Amphetamine Reptile Record label. First 7" is on clear pink vinyl, and the second is on pink w/ws.

SP148 - Pain Teens "Death Row Eyes b/w The Smell" Singles Club May 1992, edition of 3285.

1,841 on blue, 1,234 on white, and 210 on aqua vinyl.

SP149 - Mecca Normal "You Heard It All / Broken Flowers" Kreviss "Going To Hell" split 7" Singles Club Apr. 1992, edition of 3200 on forest green marbled vinyl.

SP154 - Rocket From The Crypt "Normal Carpet Ride" Singles Club Jun. 1992, edition of 2916 on opaque blue vinyl.

Songs: Normal Carpet Ride / Where Are The Fuckers / Slumber Queen / Flip The Bird

SP155 - Codeine "Realize" Singles Club Jul. 1992, edition of 2933 on clear and white vinyl.

Songs: Realize / Broken-hearted Wine

SP158 - Crackerbash "Nov. 1" Singles Club Aug. 1992, edition of 2752 on lavender marbled vinyl.

Songs: Nov. 1 / Halloween Candy

SP159 - Monomen "Skin and Bones / Comanche" Singles Club Sep. 1992, edition of 2746 on bright blue vinyl.

Cover art by Coop.

SP173 - Big Damn Crazy Weight "Might As Well / Off That Cow" Singles Club Oct. 1992, edition of 2341 on gold vinyl.

SP174 - Antiseen "We Got This Far (Without You) / (We Will Not) Remember You" Singles Club Nov. 1992, edition of 2205 on magenta vinyl.

SP180 - Jon Spencer "Big Yule Log Boogie / My Christmas Wish" Singles Club Xmas 1992, edition of 2218 on magenta vinyl.

SP181 - The Wolverton Brothers "My Assassin / Max Gomez Love" Singles Club Jan. 1993, edition of 2015 on white vinyl.

SP199 - Bewitched "Hey White Homey / Troll Doll" Singles Club Feb. 1993, edition of 2000 on clear orange vinyl.

SP200 - Dead Moon "Dirty Noise / Dark Deception" Singles Club Mar. 1993, edition of 2000 on clear vinyl.

SP203 - Royal Trux "Steal Yr Face / Gett Off" Singles Club Apr. 1993, edition of 2000 on purple marbled vinyl.

SP204 - The S.F. Seals "Nowherica / Being Cheated" Singles Club May 1993, edition of 2000 on clear pink vinyl.

SP213 - Severin "Waste of Time / Powerplay" Singles Club June 1993, edition of 2000 on clear green vinyl.

Songs: Waste Of Time (Alec's Song) / Powerplay (Mark's Song)

SP214 - Ween "Skycruiser / Cruise Control" Singles Club July 1993, edition of 2000, on translucent pink vinyl.

SP219 - Snow Bud and the Flower People "Killer Bud plus Third Shelf" Singles Club Aug. 1993, edition of 2000 on bright green vinyl.

SP236 - Combustible Edison "Cry Me A River / Satan Says" Singles Club Sep. 1993, edition of 2000.

SP240 - Pigface "Empathy / Steamroller" Singles Club Oct. 1993, edition of 1500 on clear vinyl.

SP241 - Didjits "Dear Junkie" Singles Club Nov. 1993, edition of 1500 on orange vinyl.

Songs: Dear Junkie b/w Skull baby / Fire in the hole (live Chicago 1993)

SP251 - Lou Barlow "I am not mocking you" Singles Club Dec. 1993, edition of 1500 on pink vinyl.

Songs: I am not mocking you / Survival / Helpless Heartbreak / Dirty Mind / Forever Instant Last issue of the Sub Pop Singles Club
Taken From : * Sub Pop discography Copyright 1991-1997 made by Rob Vaughn (RobVaughn@gmail.com) * Sub Pop discography compiled by Sub Pop (http://www.subpop.com/discog/discog.html)
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